Caring for your P.S.&B. Leather Goods

P.S.B. belts are hand-made with “English”- style bridle or harness leathers cured and dyed by American tanneries and embellished with equine tack hardware from American suppliers. Most leathers are treated with dye to give them the desired color and leather dye can sometimes transfer – or rub-off – onto clothing. To reduce or hopefully, prevent this, P.S.B. belts are hand-sealed with acrylic resolene.

If rub-off nevertheless occurs, it can be removed with a few readily available products the most common of which are bleach for white fabrics and all-fabric bleach, OxyClean, or another stain remover for color fabrics. In addition, RIT Dye Remover can be safety used on white clothing and RIT Dye Fixative can be safely used on colored clothing.

Clean your belt with saddle soap or leather cleaner and occasionally apply leather conditioner. P.S.B. hardware is uncoated and will tarnish if not occasionally polished.

I hope you enjoy wearing your P.S.B. belt as much as I enjoyed making it. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments –


Penny Ploughman, Maker & Proprietor.